Charleston Sunset Boat Tour

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Looking for a place in Charleston to watch the sun set into the water?  

The best spot in town is on our signature sunset boat ride 

During our 2-hour sunset cruise, you and your guests will explore the backwaters of the Stono River taking in the Lowcountry wildlife and experiencing the peace and splendor of a Coastal sunset. 

This family friendly tour is a one of a kind adventure.

  The tour starts aboard our specialized pontoon boat, The PaddleToon. After you’ve settled in, we will take a ride down the Stono where the sights and the sounds of beautiful marsh birds and other Lowcountry wildlife can’t be missed.

When it’s time, your certified guide will drop anchor in a spot ideal for watching the sun slip into water.

 Also included with your package are digital pictures taken along the way to help document your adventure. Feel free to bring along a picnic or other refreshments to enjoy during the journey.

Our boat tours are the best way to relax and create once in a lifetime memories.

 Book today and see what all the Lowcounry has to offer.